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Another reason that any visiting enders quickly left was because of a later aspect of Partriek just two years into the Sapien Alliance’s takeover that hung in the air like the ghastly froth that sticks on vile, toxic water; the smoke that oozed upward from the buildings that constantly droned on and hammered in a metallic ringing that sounded throughout the city. Partriek used to be a city of light; from them on, only its black curtain of excess gases could be seen from afar. Where there were no factories or homes full of people cheering on the industrial madness that overcame them, there were barracks training people who were not only drafted from within Partriek, but from all over Versari; this was truly an alliance of humans. From these barracks formed thousands of troops, raring for a new war that the rest of the continent dreaded. As the soldiers poured out to their positions, their new weapons of terror and death rolled out of their factories. Weapons that Versari had not yet seen; one-man airboats capable of tearing other airships apart with their sheer acceleration and re-enforced scythes, armoured land-ships moved by a wheel-driven track system capable of storing ten crew, TNT cannons that used compressed air to hurl their deadly projectiles at their targets with near-total accuracy, an easily producible rifle that fired both piercing and shrapnel rounds, and other brainchilds of the  engineering minds that Cromwell personally selected to arm his new force that only grew and grew every passing year. Each year brought terror to anyone from outside the now re-enforced walls of Partriek who paid any attention to just what these ‘angry mobs’ had managed to assemble.
Five years onward from the exact date in which two men in a pub set about a revolution, Victor Julius Cromwell sat in his new dressing area clipping on the last of his armour set, musing how coincidental it was that his greatest moment yet had begun on the same date as the first time he lit the spark that set humanity to the course which he desired, but only for its own benefit; he was not a selfish leader. But he also knew that he had to present himself to them in a way in which they could only admire in awe, with him already wearing his battle armour and clutching his sword that so far lay still in its hilt. This sword saw much training in the past few years, as he learned and mastered a fighting technique that he started as an adopted child.
“Heh...there will be no more adopted children once I am done.” He hopefully assured himself as he walked through the tall, grand rooms of his new palace. “Not on either side.” He grudgingly added as he caught notice of his guarding escorts, who were armed with the two-year old Partrekian rifles. It took him quite a while to strut through the expansive, yet architecturally linear rooms of this megastructure which took three years to fully erect over the remains of the demolished city hall. The rooms were larger than life, adorned with paintings of past and future glory, flags lining the walls and a large globe for every critical centre in this temple of pure, unfiltered and undying hate. After fifteen minutes of stepping through corridors and wide, decorated entrances, Cromwell arrived at near the open balcony, his escort moving ahead of him and standing to attention near the place where he was to stand. A great howling roar of millions could be heard from outside, along with the clacking of an uncountable amount of marching feet and the rumbling drone of engines. Cromwell then walked through to stand at the centre of the balcony after only after his guards walked in; he still favoured his dramatic entrance. The scene several hundred meters below that balcony was immense and vibrated the air in many ways; through the music played by the bands that marched down the streets that followed every formation of now-finely equipped troops with their new rifles, bayonets attached to the end, through the thunderous cheer of the people that crowded beside the street to watch the sheer number of humanity's new, highly-trained army, through the rumbling of the new landships that followed the regular soldiers, their strange method of propulsion clattering the road that they travelled on, and finally through the crack and hum of the engines of the new airships that took flight in tight formations over the heads of all in Partriek. The larger, more traditional types glided through the air and proudly displayed the flag of the Sapien Alliance on their sails whilst the much smaller yet staggeringly rapid one-man airboats sliced the sky above them, wowing the already-ecstatic people below. Then it came to the point where the music ceased to play, the ground formations halted to face their champion and the people hushed to an eery quiet, anxious to hear what the great Victor Cromwell was to declare on this insurmountably important day;

“People of this now-grand and prosperous city of Partriek, the centre of our future world order of humankind! I wish to begin my declaration the same way that our revolution started; the mention of the day the ender’s monstrous airship ‘Savage’ set this city ablaze. We all remember the fear of that day. The helplessness. The rage. This need to react, to resist, sowed the seed of our new age. That seed germinated into the branch that started it all, but in an empty field; there was no doubt, no competition, no denying the success that has led us to this zenith in our history. And then we reached our first triumph; the first of many tides of glorious fortune that had and shall define our age. We demanded this city with the uproar of millions, and we took it like no-one else had dared before! The first command of this new order was to rid this grand city of the vile creatures that dared to try and incinerate it two decades past this very day. Now they shall threaten us within our own borders no more! As of today, we will launch a grand crusade against that will raze the ender’s own cities off of every charted map with our millions of comrades in arms and uncountable amounts of highly-crafted and unbreakable war machines in a campaign that will send the Enders into a blind panic! I will personally accompany this army as we march; first to Shadowhall, then to the abysmal tower itself! They intended to conquer the whole of Versari from their own dark pocket of this continent, but they did not count on the rest of the continent’s humans charging at their pathtic cult! Though as pathetic as their minds are, we must not underestimate them; there will be casualties, and a campaign of this size means that there will be many. However, it will be a noble sacrifice to pave the way for Versari’s only true new world order! And we know that we will win this fight, because no-one has dared oppose us in our five years of preparation from fear of opposing the wrath of Notch, for Notch is with us!”

The crowd cheered in a booming applause one hundred times greater than the chants that rallied him into the city hall years past. As Cromwell, the new figurehead of humanity, stepped back into the buiding, the people below collectively started a hymn, sung annually in every year that passed the Savage’s bombing;

In crimson day Partriek was well
Yet in the night it fell to hell
Uncounted thousands we did lose
Their tragic fate they did not choose
But we shall naught discard and forget
Their defiance to Sav’ge’s threat

But they then sung an addition to that hymn, written especially for this day and every year since.

Yet still their poor souls will not rest
‘Till purple blood’s spilt at ender’s nest
We shall avenge your weary souls
We will kill them all, from north to south poles

It then began to rain. The first few drops landed on the statue of remembrance, the only relic of the old city centre that survived Cromwell’s building of his grand and imposing palace, and the drops slid down its metal frame like tears wept for a time where Partriek was a city full of warm light and open arms.
The dawn of Man has ended, but the war has only just begun! Partial credit to ljm222 for the hymn of Patriek!

One final word, though; JaxTheOligarch thought that chapter four was the climax, but I've settled on something far bigger and terrifying for the ender characters of Versari! Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed my little tale of violent humans out for blood, and I hope you will enjoy the huge collaborative effort that's soon to, on to war!
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