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Maybe the Best of Us [BIRTHDAY GIFT] by Get2daChoppa Maybe the Best of Us [BIRTHDAY GIFT] by Get2daChoppa
Happy birthday, JaxTheOligarch ! The initial paragraph contains spoilers from his series, 'Heroes of Versari', so if you haven't read that yet, then what the hell are you waiting for?! Read it!

Anyway, to commemorate this special day, I'd like to pay tribute to the former leader of the LazrahKs; Geo. The one who, despite ultimately meeting his demise at the hands of the titular heroes, thankfully did not live to see the great master plan fail and his once-mighty state split into civil war...though I bet you any money he would have been more than eager to take on the dark force of the Sapien Alliance that he unwittingly predicted through his infamous declarations of war and hatred toward humanity, a hatred that all Enders in the Shadowlands feel coupling the eternal respect for his name, which will forever be remembered.

Anyway, enough about him, let's talk about you,'re one of those people who are kind enough to let those close to you talk to you for hours (about random crap, in my case) and to confide with me certain things, yet blunt and honest enough to teach me a damn lesson when I go overboard and call bullshit on trolls, art thieves, and general assholes, confronting them without any fear. You're not just a good friend, but a great role model. If I ever wrote a book about you, it would be titled 'The Art of not Giving a Toss' and should sell in the millions. But you've already wrote a whole story that deserves even more sales, given a couple of tweaks; The Heroes of Versari, the reason I found you in the first place. Back then, I saw you as well above me in terms of any characteristic I ever had, and now...I still think that. No matter how many confessions you make, and no matter how severe those confessions are, I still consider you to be the better man. Because the better man doesn't constantly screw up like I do I truly hope you have not just a great day, but a full, successful life ahead of you.

Oh, and Sweet-Regrets , I've not forgotten about your overdue birthday gift. I need to get that going soon...possibly in the weekend. Sorry for the delay.
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May 18, 2016
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